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Cowboy Starter Kit:

Cowboy Starter Kit - WP
Cowboy Starter Kit - Word
Western Graphics Zip

Paper: Recommended - 24 lb paper, various colors
Confetti - Horse, Boots, Cowboy Hat, Coyote
Bandana print fabric
Small pony beads (smaller than 6x9mm)
Size 2"x2" Zip bag

Cut out Cowboy Starter Kit insert and slide into bag. Put one horse, one hat, one coyote, and two boots in the bag. Measure and cut 6 inches of string. Wind around one finger to make some loops. Tie at the top to hold loops together. Using the bandana template, cut a square (2"x2") of the bandana fabric. Cut the square diagonally to make two triangles (you will only need to use one). Holding the middle point, fold in half bringing the two outer points together. Slide a bead onto the ends. Place lasso and bandana in bag.


Deep in the Heart of Texas

Paper: Recommended - 65 lb, white card stock
Western confetti: Texas, Boots, Cactus, Badge
Heart Confetti
Size 2"x2" zip bag

Deep in the Heart of Texas Side 1 - WP
Deep in the Heart of Texas Side 2 - WP
Deep in the Heart of Texas Side 1 - Word
Deep in the Heart of Texas Side 2 - Word
Western Graphics Zip

Print and cut out both the Deep in the Heart of Texas and Texas State Info printouts. Glue the State info to the back of the Deep insert. Glue one each of the Cactus, Badge, Boot, Texas, and Heart to the front of the Deep insert. Put insert into a zip back.



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