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Bag of Ice:

Bag of Ice Logo - WP
Bag of Ice Logo - Word

Clear Tri-Beads
2'x3' Zip Bag

Printout the Bag of Ice Logo. Place a piece of clear tape over the logo making sure that the tape edges extend past all sides of the logo. Place the logo near the bottom of the bag. Cut off the zip part of the bag. Fill about half way with clear tri-beads. Use a twist tie wire to close the top




Western Bandana style fabric
5mm Pony Beads

Cut a square of the bandana fabric. Fold the square in half diagonally forming a triangle.  Fold in half again bringing the two folded outer points together forming another triangle.  Slide a bead onto the two ends.


Camp Blow Dryer:

Camp Blow Dryer Insert - WP
Camp Blow Dryer Insert - Word

Paper: Recommended - 24 lb stock, various colors
Small balloon (package of water balloons - 100)
Size 2"x2" zip bags

Print and cut out the Camp Blow Dryer tag.  Place balloon in bag. Staple tag to top.


Camper Nights:

Paper: Recommended - 24 lb paper,
various colors
Blue glitter
Stars, irridescent or pearlized.  
Size 1.5"x1.5" zip bag

Camper Nights Top Tag - WP
Camper Nights Top Tag - Word

Print and cut out Camper Nights Top Tag Printout. Pour a SMALL amount of blue glitter into the bag. Just enough to put about a 1/8" to 1/4" layer of glitter in the bottom of the bag. Put a pinch of stars into the bag (about 10-15 of various sizes). Staple the card to the top of the bag.




Cooler Logo - WP
Cooler Logo - Word

aper: Recommended - White paper, regular 20 lb or 24 lb
Round Stickers 1", white
Soda and water bottle caps, with the small spaced ridges, not the caps from Coco-cola bottles becausethey have widely spaced ridges and are too short.
Electrical tape, various colors (a package of 6 different
colors can be found at local Dollar stores)
Glass Seed Beads, size 6 or 8, various colors
Plastic Lace, various colors

For best results, make sure that the bead, tape, and lace all match, same color.

1.  Use hot glue to glue together to caps

2.  While caps are setting, cut out two of the Coleman Logos  

3.  Peel off a round sticker and place on the top of the cap to cover the lettering.  Place a round sticker on the bottom cap also.

4.  Spread a thin layer of glue on the back of ONE of the logos and place on the top sticker. 

5.  Cut a piece of plastic lacing 2 inches long.  Using hot glue, glue one end to one side of the cooler at the seam.  Bend the lace into a handle and glue the other end to the opposite side.

6.  Using the electrical tape, wrap completely around the middle of the cooler.

7.  Spread glue on the back of the last Coleman Logo and place in the middle of the top half of tape on the front of the cooler.

8.  Using hot glue, glue a bead to the front of the cooler down at the bottom edge. This is the “spout” on the cooler


Kapers Chart:

Kapers Chart - WP
Kapers Chart - Word
Kapers Chart Graphics
Kapers Chart Flag and Hostess Printouts - WP
Kapers Chart Flag and Hostess Printouts - Word

Paper: Recommended - 65 lb, white card stock
Chenille Stems
Cocktail Straws 
Tin Foil
Size 2"x3" zip bag

Print and cut out the Kapers Chart and Graphics page.  Cut two small pieces of twigs (about ˝ inch long) and glue to the Kapers Chart under “Fire Builder”.  Cut a small piece of tin foil and fold in thirds to form a rectangle, then fold up the two ends. This makes a “Meal in a Bag”. Glue it on the Kapers Chart under “Cook”. Cut out the Hostess printout and glue it on the Chart under “Hostess”.  Cut out the Flag and glue on the Chart under “Flag”.  Cut a piece of the straw ˝ inch long.  Cut a piece of Chenille 1 inch long. (See example) Bend it around into a loop and twist the ends together.  Put glue (NOT HOT GLUE!) Into the straw and slide the end of the chenille into the glue/straw. Glue the toilet brush on the Chart under “Latrine”.  Cut a strip from the sponge (A)  1/4 inch wide (B). Turn it on it’s side (C) and cut into rectangles about ˝ inch long.  Glue the sponge piece on the Chart under “Dish Washing”

     A           B   C   D


Knots Practice:

Knots Practice Side 1 - WP
Knots Practice Side 2 - WP
Knots Practice Side 1 - Word
Knots Practice Side 2 - Word

Paper: Recommended - 24lb, various colors
Size 2"x3" zip bag

The Knots Practice Printout is made to be printed front and back. If you
can not get it lined up on your printer, then just print a page of Front side and
a page of back side.  Cut out the insert and slide into the bag so that
the front and back can be seen on each side.  Measure and cut two pieces
of strings each 8 inches long.  Coil the two pieces together and put into the bag on the front side.


Latrine Duty:

Soda or Water bottle cap, various colors
Terry Cloth
Chenille, various colored (striped is best)
20 gauge wire

Cut a piece of the terry cloth 1 ˝ “ x 1 ˝" square.

Cut a piece of wire 5 inches long. Twist the two ends together.  Bend the bottom of the wire to fit into the bottom of the cap.  Test and adjust the wire until it fits in the cap bottom and next to the sides.  Once it fits okay, use hot glue to fasten the wire into the bottom of the “bucket”

Use hot glue or white glue to glue the terry cloth into the bucket.  Cloth should cover the bottom of the bucket and up one side.  Make sure that the side is glued also.

Cut a piece of the straw 1 1/4 inches long.  Cut a piece of chenille 2 inches long. Bend the chenille around into a loop and twist the ends together. Bend the stem upward at a slight angle. Put a squirt of white glue (DO NOT USE HOT GLUE!) into one end of the straw. Push the twisted end of the chenille into the glued end of the straw.   Use hot glue or white glue on the bottom of the “toilet brush” and put in the bottom of the bucket on top of the cloth. Push down with your finger or a wood stick on top of the fuzzy part of the brush to make sure it is glued down well


Soap and Wash Rag:

Terry Cloth
Pez Candy

Cut the terry cloth into 3 inch by 3 inch squares (A). Fold the square in half (B). Fold that into half again (C).  Pin the top two folded corners together (this will keep the wash rag closed.  Using hot glue, glue one piece of the Pez candy in the middle of the folded wash rag.  DO NOT USE WHITE GLUE!  This will “melt” the candy since the white glue is water based.



Trailsigns Printout - WP
Trailsigns Printout - Word

Paper: Recommended - 24 lb, various colors
Decorative gravel or aquarium gravel
Size 2"x3" Zip bags

Print and cut out the trailsigns insert.   Cut 5 pieces of twigs about 2 inches long. Put those into the bag along with about 10 pieces of gravel.



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