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Animal Tracks:

Animal Tracks Printout Side One - WP
Animal Tracks Printout Side Two - WP

Animal Tracks Printout Side One - Word
Animal Tracks Printout Side Two - Word
Animal Tracks Graphics

Paper: Recommended - 65 lb white card stock

Print Side One, flip the paper, and print side two on the back. Cut out each square of the tracks.  Make sure that you leave a white area around the squares. Do not cut on the solid line. Place in a pile and staple the left edge to create a booklet.



Birdhouse - WP
Birdhouse - Word
Birdhouse Graphics

Paper: Recommended - 65 lb white card stock

Print and cut out the Birdhouse.  To make it easier to glue the house together, cut the tabs longer then what is marked (see the example).  After cutting out the roof, use the point of the scissors or wire and poke the holes in the top of the roof where indicated. I find it works better if you actually make the holes lower (farther apart) than what is marked.  Fold the sides of the birdhouse, then open it up flat again. Now fold all the tabs. Open up again.  Spread glue on the long tab on the side of the house. Fold the house together with the edge of the house even with the folded edge of the tab. Press together. If you put your finger or a wooden stick inside the house and then press it, that will help make the contact better. Fold the roof in half.  Cut a piece of wire 2 inches long. Push it thru both holes till it is halfway through then bring the ends up together (forming a loop) and twist them together. Fold the twisted ends down a little so they don’t stick upwards.  Fold the house top tabs down at a 90 degree angle and spread glue on all the tabs.  Place the roof on top of the tabs.  Again, slide your finger or the wood stick up into the house and gently press upwards while at the same time pushing down on the roof to make sure that it is in contact with the glued tabs.  Fold the two house bottom tabs inward. Spread glue on them. Spread glue on the floor tab.  Fold the floor upward and tuck the floor tab into the bottom of the house.  Set the house on the table and gently push downward.  This will help make the bottom contact the glued tabs.


Cow and Zebra Seeds:

Cow Seeds - WP
Cow Seeds - Word
Zebra Seeds - WP
Zebra Seeds - Word

Paper: Recommended - 24 lb, various colors
White Beans
Size 2"x2" zip bag

Print and cut out the Cow Seed insert and the Zebra Seed insert. Put into zip bag.  Using a black marker, on the cow seed, make black patches on both sides of the seed.  On the Zebra seed, make stripes on both sides of the seed.



Pet Rock:

Pet Rock Manual - WP
Pet Rock Manual - Word
Pet Rock Graphics

Paper: Recommended - 24 lb, various colors
Decorative Rocks
Small Wiggly Eyes
Size 2"x3" zip bags

Print and cut out the Pet Rock Care Manual Printout. Slide it into the zip bag.  Glue two wiggle eyes to the rock.  When dry, put it in the bag.


Pot Dog

Pot Animals:

Pot Animals - Horse - WP
Pot Animals - Horse - Word
Pot Animals - Sheep - WP
Pot Animals - Sheep - Word
Pot Animals - Cow - WP
Pot Animals - Cow - Word
Pot Animals  - Dog - WP
Pot Animals - Dog - Word
Pot Animals Graphics

Wood Micro Flower Pots, 5/38" x 9/16"
Felt - Brown (for dog)
Foam Sheets - Brown, Tan, Black, Pink
Brown paint (recommended: Delta “Spice Brown”
Wiggle Eyes

The Horse is easy to make.  The Dog is harder because of the small facial parts. The basic parts can be modified to make a Sheep, Cow, Cat, or Bear.

For the Dog and Horse:
Paint the pots with brown paint. Set aside to dry (will dry fast). As you are doing the following steps, keep track of the pot.  When it is dry, stop the other activities and paint a white stripe on one side (See diagram A). Set aside to dry.

For the Sheep: Paint with Grey paint
For the Cow: Paint a large stripe of white down the side of the pot and then color the front (bottom) of the pot.  When dry, paint the rest of the pot Black.

Making the Pot Horse


Print the Horse stickers sheet onto Avery 8160 address label sheets (or the equivalent). Cut out one set of horse stickers.  Place the head/ears sticker onto the brown foam and cut out the horse head outline. Place the ear insides sticker onto the tan foam and cut out.  Place the Mane sticker on black foam and cut out.  Peel all the stickers off.  Using super glue gel or hot glue, put a ring of glue around the top opening edge of the pot. Put the brown foam piece on the top of the pot making sure that the stripe is lined up BETWEEN the ears (see example).  Using super glue or white glue, put a small dot of glue in the middle of the each ear and place the tan inside ear piece into each ear with the bottom of each piece pushed down against the pot (B). Glue two wiggle eyes onto the pot on either side of the white stripe (C). Use super glue or hot glue to put a small line of glue on the top edge of the pot between the ears and put the back end of the mane piece (C). Use a black marker (with a fine point), a black pin, or black paint, to draw on two nostrils and a mouth (B). Glue a pin back to the back.

Making the Pot Dog


For the Dog: Print out the Dog Stickers. Place a set of the dog ear stickers onto the brown felt. Cut out the two ears. Peel off the stickers. Cut a strip of black foam 1/4 inch wide. Cut a triangle from the foam strip (A). The long point of the triangle should face downwards. Cut off the top two tips (B). This makes the dog’s nose. Using a hold punch, punch out a circle of pink foam. Cut the tip off the circle (C). The makes the dog’s tongue.  Glue the nose on the front of the pot even with the top edge and glue the tongue on the bottom with it hanging over the edge (D).  Glue two eyes to the pot on either side of the white stripe.  Glue each ear to both sides of the pot.

Pot Horse

Pot Sheep

Pot Cow

-Pot Pig



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