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Celebrate America:

Paper: Recommended - 65 lb, white card stock
Patriotic Confetti: Flag, Red, White, and Blue Stars

Option: For the flag, get the little paper flags on
a toothpick and cut up the toothpick
Gold Glitter
Size 1.5"x1.5" zip bag

Celebrate America Top Tag - WP
Celebrate America Top Tag - Word

Patriotic Graphics Zip

Pour a small amount of gold glitter into bag. Add a small amount of different sized stars (about 7-10). Put in one Flag.  Print and cut out the Top Tag. Staple to the top of the bag.


Flag in A Bag:

Paper: Recommended - 24 lb, various colors
Blue Ribbon 2 inch wide
Red Ribbon inch wide 
White Ribbon inch wide
Small White Stars confetti
Size 2"x3" zip bag

Flag in a Bag Insert - WP
Flag in a Bag Insert - Word
Patriotic Graphics Zip

Print and cut out the Flag in a Bag insert.  Using the template, cut the blue ribbon 2 inches long. This will make it 2"x2". Cut 3 strips of white ribbon, each 2" inches long. Cut 3 strips of Red ribbon, each 2 inches long.  Slide the insert into the bag and put all the cut ribbons into the bag behind the insert.  Put a small amount of white stars into the bag. The number of stars and strips do not have to match an actual flag. This is just a representation.



Support / Salute Our Troops

Paper: Recommended - 65 lb white card stock
American Flag Ribon, 1 inch wide
Patriotic Striped Ribbon, 3/8 inch wide
Plastic soldiers

Support Our Troops - WP
Support Our Troops - Word
Salute Our Soldiers - WP
Salute Our Soldiers - Word
Patriotic Graphics Zip

Print and cut out the top tag. Choose either Support Our Troops or Salute Our Soldiers. A) Cut a piece of the Flag ribbon 3 inches long.  B) Fold the ribbon in half length wise and C) cut a shallow diagonal out (cut from the bottom edge of the ribbon upwards towards the folded edge.  D) When opened, you will now have a V shape cut out of the bottom of the ribbon (see picture).  Cut two pieces of the patriotic ribbon, each 3 inches long.  Find the center of each piece by folding it in half. Mark the center with a pencil/pen mark (make a dot). Using hot glue, glue the two pieces together forming an X making sure the to center points match.  Using hot glue, glue a toy solder in the middle of the X.  Glue the top tag to the top of the wide ribbon about inch down from the top.  Using hot glue, glue the X and soldier to the wide ribbon.







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