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Girl Scout Cookies:

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Cookies Insert Graphics



Paper: Recommended - 65 lb, white card stock
Size 2"x3" zip bag

The printouts for the cookies are not loaded here because each page is 18 MBs in size. Yes! Very big and too big to download.  Instead, I am providing the single graphic of EACH cookie box so you can create your own printable document.  I took apart the cookie boxes and scanned them in as 6 separate parts, then put the images together.  This gives a very crisp and sharp image to printout.

All the cookie boxes graphics are available for printout.  You can print one kind to a page or print a page of a variety.  When creating your document, each image should be just short of 3 inches big.  You should be able to put three in a row  across a standard sheet of paper (with margins down to a minimum) and four rows down.  So you will get 12 per page.

Print and cut out the box.  When cutting the tab on the side of the box (not the end tabs), cut it larger than is shown. This will make it easier to fold under and handle. Fold along the fold lines. Spread glue on the box side tab and fold inside the box. Make sure edge of the front side is lined up with the fold edge of the tab. On each end, fold in the two small side tabs. Spread glue on top of the those tabs. Spread glue on the INSIDE of the two larger tabs. Fold the back tab (the one without words) down first and then the front tab (The one with words). Do these at both ends.  Print and cut out the Girl Scout insert. Slide it into the bag.  After the box is dry, slide it into the zip bag. If you choose to not use a bag, then glue a pin back to the back of the box.



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