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Paper: Recommended - 24 lb, Red paper or white
Size 8 Red and Black beads
Size 2"x2" zip bag

Checkers Printout B/W - WP
Checkers Printout B/W - Word
Checkers Printout R/B - WP
Checkers Printout R/B - Word

There are two checkers templates. One a black/white  (B/W) template made to print out on red paper.  The other is a black/red  (R/B)template made to print out on white paper.  Choose which one you want to use.  Print and cut out the checkers game board.  Put into a zip bag.  Put 8 black and 8 Red beads into the bag.


Chutes and Ladders:

Paper: Recommended - 65 lb white card stock

Seed Beads, Size 8 various colors (can use size 6, but they are a bit big) 
Size 2"x2" zip bags

Chutes and Ladders Printout - WP
Chutes and Ladders Printout - Word
Spinner Printout - WP
Spinner Printout - Word

Chutes Graphics

Print and cut out the Chutes and Ladders game board.  Print and cut out the Spinner (can be printed on standard paper or 24 lb white).  Select three different colored beads.  Choose the spots where you want to place the beads (game pieces). Carefully place a SMALL dot of white glue on the first spot and put the bead into the glue spot.  Do the same with the other pieces.  Use only a TINY amount of glue otherwise the wet glue will warp the paper.  After dry, insert the game board into zip bag.  Also insert the spinner.


Katta Villayatu:

Paper: Recommended - 24 lb, various colors
Foam Sheets, various colors
Size 2"x3" zip bag

Katta Villayatu Side 1 Printout - WP
Katta Villayatu Side 1 Printout - Word
Katta Villayatu Side 2 Printout - WP
Katta Villayatu Side 2 Printout - Word
Katta Villayatu Graphics Side 1
Katta Villayatu Graphics Side 2

The game template is made to be printed front to back, however it can also be printed as separate sheets.  Print and cut out the front (game board) and back (game instructions) of the game. Slide into a zip back.  Pick two different colors of foam sheets.  Using a hole punch, punch 3 dots of one color and 3 of the other color.  These are the game pieces. Put the pieces into the bag.


Memory Game:

Paper: Recommended - 24 lb, various colors (not white)
Size 2"x3" zip bag

Memory Game Printout - Excel

Memory Game Graphcis Zip

Cut out the Title Card and Instructions Card leaving them connected in the middle. Fold them so that they are back to back and slide into the zip bag so that the instructions are facing the back. Cut out all the game pieces.  Shuffle the game cards and place in the zip back so they sit in the front.



Paper: Recommended - 64 lb, white card stock
Foam sheets, two different colors
Glass Beads, size 8, various colors. (Can use size 6 if that is all that is available)
Size 2"x2" zip bag

Monoplies Printout - WP
Monoplies Printout - Word

Monoplies Graphics

1.  Print and cut out the Monopolies game board. (Name changed because of copyright)

2.  Choose two different colored foam sheets.  From each, cut a strip 1/4 inch wide (see photo).  From each strip, cut a piece inch long. You should now have two small rectangular pieces, each a different color.

3.  On the Monopolies game board you can see the rectangular marked spots.  Glue one of the foam pieces to one spot, then glue the other foam piece to the other spot.  These represent the game cards.

4.  Pick out three different colored beads and glue the beads onto the game board. Choose 3 different areas to put the beads to make it look like the pieces are being played around the board. Glue the pieces using hot glue or super glue gel. If you use regular glue, it will tend to wet and warp the board.


Playing Cards:

Paper: Recommended - Bright White 65 lb card stock (Xerox)
Size 1.5" x 1.5" zip bags

Playing Cards Printout - WP
Playing Cards Printout - Word
Playing Cards Graphics

Print Playing Cards document. Cut out cards.  Pick 5 cards (mix face and number cards) and place in fan shape (See example).  Place a tiny bit of glue on the back of lower left half of the B card. Place it on top of the A card. Press together.  Continue doing this with cards C thru E.  Using hot glue, glue on a pin back to the back of the cards or place in a bag and pin thru the top.



Paper: Recommended - 24lb, various colors
Pony Beads, various colors
Tri-Beads, various colors
Size 2"x3" zip bag

Tic-Tac-Toe Printout - WP
Tic-Tac-Toe Printout - Word

Print and cut out the Tic-Tac-Toe insert.  Slide into the zip bag. Choose 4 same colored pony beads. Choose 4 same colored Tri-Beads.  Put the beads into bag. 



Paper: Recommended - 24 lb, white
Dice beads (80 pieces in a pack)
Size 2"x3" zip bags

Yahtzee Printout  PDF File
Yahtzee Graphics

Print and cut out the Yahtzee game card.  Fold in half lengthwise and insert into the zip bag.  Select 5 dice beads and put in the bag.


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