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Beach in a Bag:

Paper: Recommended - 24 lb paper, various colors
Sand and Sea Shells (from hobby stores)
Confetti - Palm trees, sunglasses
Small marble bead (Walmart)
Terry Cloth or Kitchen Towel
Crab Punch
Size 2"x3" zip bags

Beach in a Bag Insert - WP
Beach in a Bag Insert - Word

Sea Fish Graphics Zip

Print and cut out Insert. Glue one sunglass and one palm tree to the insert on the backside (non printed).  Put the insert into the bag (Beach in a Bag faces the back).  Scoop and pour a small amount of sand into the bag. There should not be more than a 1/4" of sand in the bottom.  Put 3 sea shells in the bag along with a marble (beach ball).  Cut a piece of the terry cloth to 1"x2" size and slide it into the bag. Put on crab in the bag, place it on the “towel” (this will help keep it from sliding down into the sand)



Ocean in a Bag:

Paper: Aquarium backing or cut paper from shiny gift bags or glossy wrapping paper or any blue paper
Foam Fish shapes, self-adhesive
Blue Glitter
Blue irridescent flakes
Size 2"x3" zip bag

Sea Fish Graphics Zip

Cut the blue paper into 2"x3" rectangles.  Pick out 2-3 foam fish, stars, crabs, or whatever other shapes you have.  Remove the backing and glue into place on the blue backing.  Slide the insert into the bag.  Pour a small amount of blue glitter (very small amount!) into the bag.  Put a small pinch of the flakes in last.


Pirates, Ahoy!

Paper: Recommended - Bright White 65 lb card stock (Xerox) for Tag and book
              Standard white paper for other prints

Gold “coins” - Confetti dots
Size 2"x2" zip bags

Pirates Top Tag - WP
Pirates Top Tag - Word
Ship Printout - WP
Ship Printout - Word
Pirate Flag Printout - WP
Pirate Flag Printout - Word
Pirate Map Printout - WP
Pirate Map Printout - Word
Treasure Island Book Printout - WP
Treasure Island Book Printout - Word
Treasure Island Top Tag - WP
Treasure Island Top Tag - Word
Sea Fish Graphics Zip

his Swap can be made two ways: As a “Pirates, Ahoy” swap for a pirate theme or, by adding the miniature book “Treasure Island”, make into a book theme using the Treasure Island printouts.

Print out all the files for the flag, ship, and map (and book if doing the book theme). Cut out each item and place in the bag.  If making the book, fold along all lines and glue tabs to make a "box" of the book.  Place in bag. Using a piece of straw, roll the map around the straw, remove the straw, and then place the rolled map into the bag. Add three of the gold coins.  Staple the Pirates tag to the top of the bag.



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