This is the online resource for my "Tops in Swaps" Workshop.

"Tops in Swaps" Workshop
November 7 - 9, 2008
Girl Scouts of South Texas, San Antonio, Texas
Adult Volunteer Weekend
Girl Scout Camp La Jita
Utopia, TX

Rainbowfest 2009

November 3-5, 2009
Adult Volunteer Weekend

Service Unit Campouts

And other events

Here you will find all the documents, images, templates, and instructions for
making the workshop's Swaps.  In addition, I have included links to the online
vendors from whom I get some of my supplies.  The downloadable documents
are in Wordperfect format  and Word format. In addition, you can use the image 
files to create your own document templates.

Most of the Swaps you will see here are ideas created by others. 
To those people, I give a heartfelt "Thank You!" for your wonderful
ideas.  Some of my Swaps are direct representations of Swaps I've
seen elsewhere or have been inspired by others to make
variations of mine own.  If you see a Swap that is an original
creation idea of your own and you would like credit for it, please
let me know and I will add an acknowledgement.

Printing Information

The documents I have created were formatted to print on my printers: a HP Laserjet 5M and a Lexmark Z22 color printer.  When these documents are opened by someone using a different printer, it is not uncommon for the formatting to change.  You may find that objects, graphics, and/or text may move around and no longer be lined up properly.  To print the documents, you can correct this by making some small adjustments to realign everything.




Confetti Party -
Online source for all the confetti pieces needed
for the Swaps. 

Party City - Another local source for confetti pieces.  You may have other similar stores in your area.

Hobby Lobby - Arts and Craft supply store. The majority of the of craft supplies is available at this local store.  If you don't have a Michaels or Hobby Lobby in your city, you should have a similar craft store where you can get your supplies.  

Michaels - Arts and Craft supply store.  Some of the supplies I purchased where only available at one or the other of the two supply stores.  

Dollar Tree, Dollar Store, 99 Cents Store - These stores are GREAT for swap supplies.  

Oriental Trading Co. -
Online Arts and Craft supply store.  A great place to get the "bucket" style swap hats.



If you have any questions concerning this website, Workshop, or these Swaps,
please email me. It may take a day or two for me to answer back, but I
will follow up.

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